Other issues Under the Ocean: Part 1

While plastic accounts for 80% of ocean trash, is responsible for the death of millions of creatures, is a threat to ecosystems and even to our healthit is far from being the only crisis facing the ocean as a result of humans actions. While our primary concern is plastic waste, we are concerned with all issues under the ocean (pun intended). Over the next two posts I will be discussing two such issues: shark culling and overfishing.


Shark culling is a major issue facing Australia’s oceans right now. Here at Under the Ocean we are excited to announce we have teamed up with Isabella Molinari from Cut The Cull to bring you this post.

Do you know what the actual chance of being attacked and killed by a shark is? Well, according to the Wildlife Museum the odds of getting attacked and killed by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067. In a lifetime, you are more likely to die from fireworks (1 in 340,733), lightning (1 in 79,746), drowning (1 in 1,134), a car accident (1 in 84), stroke (1 in 24), or heart disease (1 in 5).

In fact, according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, there are around 10 deaths per year attributable to sharks worldwide. On the other hand, do you know how many sharks are culled PER HOUR worldwide? Well, you might be surprised to find out it’s a whopping 11,417. That’s about 190 sharks a minute. Shockingly, 97% of sharks that were culled around Australia over a 12-month period were considered to be at some level of conservation risk. If culling continues at this rate sharks will soon be at risk of extinction!


Some sharks are also killed indirectly, by – you guessed it – plastic. Often mistaken for food, sharks have been found to ingest plastic, some to fatal levels. Chemicals from the plastic pollution has also been found to poison the sharks, like many other ocean dwellers.

Cut the Cull are dedicated to raising awareness of shark culling in Australia and have been doing a fantastic job at it too. For more information and further interests make sure to visit their blog and follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest information. To take a stand and literally help Australia literally ‘Cut the Cull’, be sure to sign their petition, which can be found here!

Check out this graphic showing the shocking reality of Shark Culling.

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