Organisations against plastic pollution

There are numerous organisations against plastic pollution, large and small, but in this post we’re bringing you SOME of our favourites! Follow these to keep up with the latest information on everything ocean!

Take 3 for the Sea

Take three for the Sea is a non profit organisation that was started in Sydney and has teamed up with environmentalist Tim Silverwood. They’re fighting to reduce plastic pollution and educate people about the devastation it causes!

Why we love them: well the basic premise is to encourage people to each pick up at least three pieces of litter from around coastal areas and waterways to prevent it entering the ocean – such a simple yet effective idea!

Ocean Conservancy

They’re an organisation that educates people about challenges surrounding the ocean and empower people around the globe to take action by advocating for sustainable practices and solutions.

Why we love them? Well, they advocate against straws and they give advice, tips and examples as to how you can take action for the ocean!


All of you would have heard of WWF, and for a good reason! They tackle conservation issues around the world both above and below the water!

But why are they on our list? Well they ran this amazing campaign with images of plastic underwater made to look like sea creatures – for instance check out this image:

The Seabin project

Designed by Australian surfers as a mechanism that can be used to clean up marinas, the Seabin is literally the bin of the sea. It collects all that unwanted floating plastic and sucks it into the bins, helping to keep the surface of the water trash free! They’re currently in development, but it’s an exciting project to follow and I hope we see them widespread soon! Why we love them? Any invention that helps reduce plastic pollution is definitely a win in our books!

One Less Straw

You guessed it, One Less Straw is all about raising awareness of plastic pollution – especially straws – encouraging people to take their pledge to use even just one less straw. 500 millions straws are used every day in the US. The campaign has gone worldwide and they’re very active on Twitter and they have a website and Facebook too. They’ve partnered with numerous organisations in their fight against plastic pollution. Why their in our top picks? Well, we’re fighting for the same cause!

Ocean Wire

Ocean Wire is a fantastic resource for information about all things ocean! We love it – they share current and relevant information, news and events! 

We love them for that exact reason, be sure to follow their Twitter to keep up with the latest!

Be sure to check them all out and follow their social media sites to keep up with the latest!

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