Be rewarded for reuse!

Exactly as the title states: you can be rewarded for using reusable items! Oh, and reduce your plastic consumption and benefit the environment – which is what were all about. Our last post was entirely straw focused, so we will give you a little break, and this time we will focus on… Coffee Cups! You might remember in a previous post I put up a photo okeepcup-brew-cork-12oz-duof some cute reusable coffee cups (yes you can bet I ordered them online right after posting!). In case you for forgot, here they are!

Well, the fantastic news is that around Sydney there is a lot of cafes getting on board and offering a reusable cup discount!


 This is where you SHOULD be buying your coffee! 

 Erskineville: Café Shenkin (50c off), Fleetwood Macchiato(50c off), The Hive Bar (20% off)

 Surry Hills: BangBang Expresso (50c off), The Sandwich Shop (20c off), The Stables Café (5% off)

Alexandria: The Copper Mill (50c off) 

Darlinghurst: The Royal (50c off)

Balmain: Bar Contessa (50c off)

Potts Point: Café DOV (50c off)

Ultimo: 80 Bay (20c off)

Newtown: Black Star Pastry (50c off)

Annandale: Lemonia (50c off)

Chippendale: Toby’s Estate (20c off)

Sydney: Town Hall Café (20c off)

 Marrickville: (50c off)

That list is certainly not conclusive either! Support companies that support the environment and reuse – and save yourself some money while you’re at it!

Lets work it out…

If you bought a coffee every day of your working week, as many people do, and went to any of the places on that list that give a 50 cent discount each time, then in four weeks time you would have saved $10. That adds up. If you do that 10 months of the year, that’s over $100 that you’ve saved yourself with basically no effort!


Also, if your current local coffee shop doesn’t offer these discounts – it doesn’t hurt to suggest it to them. Everyone loves a discount, and a promotion like might even encourage more customers while being a socially responsible business move… PLUS – you win and so does the environment!

13 thoughts on “Be rewarded for reuse!

  1. As a coffee person, I love this! I’ve recently converted to carrying around biodegradable water bottles to university and work so I’m keen to see what else there is to learn about this global issue!


    • That’s fantastic! Always a bonus when there are free refilling stations too!
      People are slowly becoming more aware of the issue, and more and more businesses are getting on board by offering rewards like this! Hopefully one day they all will!

      Liked by 1 person

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