7 things that will SHOCK you about plastic

Under the Ocean has searched far and wide to compile what we think are not just any facts, but a list of 7 things we think will really shock you about plastic.

1. 93% of Americans over the age of 6 test positive for BPA (a plastic chemical)

2. Plastic production uses eight percent of the world oil production.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling one ton of plastic conserves approximately 3.8 barrels of crude oil.

3. Virtually every piece of plastic ever produced still exists somewhere.

4. Plastic can cause acne for your pets

  • Porous plastic bowls allow bacteria to breed and multiply, causing an acne-like rash on a pet’s chin… we recommend ceramic or stainless steel bowls instead!

5. Plastic may not be vegan/vegetarian friendly

  • You probably didn’t realize that chicken fat is often added to the exterior of plastic bags to make them more slippery. But if you only use canvas bags you’re not totally safe yet, animal fats are also added to other plastic products to prevent them from sticking to metal machinery. 

6. Plastic waste travels more than you do

  • Yes that’s right, large distances over air and sea! Did you know Canadian plastic shopping bags have been found as far as Scotland?

7. Phthalates, a common toxin found in plastics that hold food, is known to shrink unborn baby’s penis if consumed during pregnancy

  • Beware!

What did you find the most alarming?

13 thoughts on “7 things that will SHOCK you about plastic

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  2. To be honest, I did not know these facts about plastic before, but I definitely wasn’t surprised when I read them. There are very simple ways in which we can stop using plastic, but it’s just the matter of whether people are willing to do it or not. Like when I was in Amsterdam for exchange last year, nearly all shops did not offer plastic bags, especially grocery stores (you had to pay for them). After finding that out, I started collecting canvas bags without even knowing it, and every time I head out, I will always put one in my handbag just in case. Because everyone around me was doing the same, I automatically adapted to it, and without even realising, I stopped using plastic bags.

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    • One day we hope the whole of Australia will be the same: plastic bag free. Unfortunately without legislation like you say it’s a matter of whether people are willing to make changes or not, and plastic has become such a convenience item. That’s why we’re advocating a ban on straws that will hopefully lead to further bans on single use plastics!
      Thank you for your contribution!

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