Recycling is Sexy

^Well thats not actually what this post is about, but it made you click on it!

For this blog post, I would like to share a recent experience with you all. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) but let’s call her Sarah.

Meet Sarah:


Well, thats not actually Sarah, but we can pretend.

Just yesterday, I watched Sarah dispose of perfectly receivable material in a waste bin, and I have to say I was shocked, after all, she even knows that I’m trying to ban single use plastics and encouraging recycling and reuse… Like if there’s anyone you’re going to recycle in front of, it’s probably me. So it sparked a conversation between us about why, why she didn’t recycle it, why she doesn’t bring reusable materials with her and why in her opinion, more people don’t.

Her answers revealed a lot that is probably true of many in our society. Why she didn’t recycle? Well there simply wasn’t a recycling bin in a convenient distance, which I suppose was true, and I do believe that there aren’t enough recycling bins on our streets. Waste bins are everywhere, but where recycling is more difficult it’s very easy for recyclable material to be wasted.


Sure, not all coffee cups are recyclable, but, since Sarah purchases a take away coffee every day… why not bring a reusable coffee cup? Well, Sarah said she felt awkward going to a coffee shop and asking them to make her order in her own cup. Sarah said she felt like there is a sort of underlying social stigma against it, like it would make her seem “like one of those tree huggers, you know”. This I had a problem with, not a problem with Sarah, because she is just following society, but more so a problem with our society itself. It should not be considered uncool to care about the environment. I understand that there are people that chain themselves to trees and other more extreme measures, and I can also understand not wanting to join them, but something as simple as diligently recycling and bringing a reusable coffee cup or cutlery should just be considered socially and environmentally responsible.

It should be cool to look after our planet.

Perhaps something needs to set the trend, for instance more coffee shops should encourage bringing your own reusable cup through a promotion (I’m sure some already do!), whether it be a simple sign by the counter to encourage people to bring one, an outright discount or a free size upgrade…


And really, how CHIC are those?! Um hello, who would want a boring take away cup anyway

I know what your thinking: This has nothing to do with straws… but it does. Straws are part of the same family – single use plastics. Our fight against straws is a fight for the environment, a grassroots level of fighting against man made single use items that have the potential to harm the environment or the creatures within it.

What’s your opinion? Like Sarah, does a social stigma prevent you from being more Eco-friendly?

11 thoughts on “Recycling is Sexy

  1. I personally don’t buy coffee everyday at Uni, but I do drink tea and water and bring a reusable bottle! I totally agree with your cause in promoting recycling or reusable behaviours. I hate the stigma though! I think its also based on a personal choice and the inconvenience of washing up a coffee mug at the end of the day. I have seen some of my friends with reusable coffee cups at Uni! Like you said, buy a cute one and you’ll want to carry it and its worth washing up!


    • So true! Great to hear you have a reusable bottle, I carry a thermos with me that I always have tea in – they’re fantastic and hold heat so well! Mine is spill proof too – unlike any disposable coffee cup!
      We agree, the inconvenience would be a big factor!

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  2. I’m kind of sick of hearing about all these ‘social stigmas’. I mean, does it really matter that much what others think of you? And to be honest, what’s wrong with being a tree hugger? Better than being someone who actively contributes to the deterioration of our planet since they don’t feel the need to recycle. I just don’t understand how people could feel like they’re being judged by bringing their own reusable cup to a cafe. Shouldn’t it be the other way round? People should be judged for not bringing their own cups, going to a cafe every day for their daily coffee and chucking out every single cup that they use…
    I just wish more people could embrace recycling. I remember reading an article a while ago, where a small town in Japan produces minimal, or zero waste as all the residents actively engage in recycling, and they even sort their recycling into like 30 or more different categories! I wish we could all be more like them…


    • Thank you for your questions! You can give your reusable cup to a lot of coffee places and ask if it be made in your cup and most have no problem with it! A few of my friends actually do it, now so often they don’t even need to ask – they just put their cup on the counter! Most coffee machines are now relatively automated as far as size, so in most cases you can still order your usual size – just in your own cup instead!
      We unfortunately can’t guarantee every coffee shop will accept it, but most are more than happy to accommodate you! 🙂


  3. I don’t personally drink coffee but I do drink water and tea everyday but I don’t go out and purchase a new bottle but rather, use a thermal. It keeps your drink warm for the winter and cold for the summer. It’s perfect and definitely an investment for coffee lovers out there! #dontbeashamed


  4. Cool title haha. Personally I do not buy coffee at uni but I definitely do not feel awkward if I bring a personal reusable cup. This little action is important enough to save our environment if every of us tries to make an effort. Good story to share this message to more people around


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